Content Marketing Tips For Small Online Businesses

PLR – Rebrand it and Make it Work For You

PLR is an acronym for “private label rights”, and online it usually refers to scripts, coding, content and graphics that are sold for reuse. In most instances, PLR can be found in the form of eBooks, guides, reports and articles. Once you buy a PLR pack, you will need to learn how to rebrand it so it changes from its original form, as long as you have those rights.


Check the Rights to the Content

PLR items are sold with different rights levels, which effectively limit what you may do with the content as far as rebranding goes. For instance, resale rights content prevents you from making changes unless you rewrite a certain percentage before posting. Conversely, “all rights” packages mean that you can make as many changes as you wish before listing yourself as the author. If you’re unsure which rights you’re buying, ask the seller. You can also do a Google search for “free PLR” and see what comes up, sometimes companies offer free PLR content to give you a taste of their content, aimed at making you come back for more. My favorite supplier of top-rated and fresh PLR is the, their content is well written, relevant and written by native USA copywriters, so you can feel confident about quality of content when resell it.

Put In Your Affiliate Links

Adding affiliate links to a piece of PLR is a simple method to make money online. As an affiliate, you get a commission every time you sell a digital product. Commission Junction and Clickbank are two of the biggest affiliate companies, and they’re also two of the best. Once you’ve monetized the content, you have to get it posted on high traffic sites. What I do is, I use WordPress to schedule my posts to post to high authority websites of 3-4 posts per day.

Slideshows and Videos

You can also rebrand PLR content by using it to create a video or a slideshow. Take the narrative and put a paragraph or two on each page, and use it as a giveaway or upload it to Youtube to direct people to your site. Royalty-free graphics are a good way to add visual interest, and they should always match the subject matter.


Revamping the format is an easy way to rebrand PLR. For instance, you can divide an eBook into multiple 300-400 word blog posts, or you can gather a set of related articles into a report. Offer the report as a lead magnet, to get people to sign up for your mailing list. Use the next series of articles in an autoresponder series, with periodic sales pitches. What I do is, I use a text spinning tool to rewrite the content using synonyms to make the content more unique before publishing, and since search engines loves unique content, your content gets much better traction in search engines which leads to more traffic.

Rebranding PLR is a great way to get into the online content marketplace without spending hours and hours creating your own content from scratch. Plus if you get a quality pack of free PLR, then all you have to do is change the graphics and add your own in-sights to it to make it unique to your business and you’re good-to-go!

With the rebranding tips above, IM pros and newbies alike can take unrestricted PLR and make it their own and then resell it as your own digital products.